Meaningful work

Recently I came across the essay titled: “Meaningful work should not be a privilege of the elite” published in the HBR.  The essay starts with the idea of inclusive prosperity (i.e.) wealth generated by the society and / or the economy should be for all to enjoy. Thought leaders and eminent economists are pursuing these … Continue reading Meaningful work

Time for action is now!

No matter who gets elected on Nov. 8th certain basic facts will remain as realities for all to confront. It is the unbridled grip of Digital Technology and its implications for the jobs and economic benefits for any one across the globe. The postmortem will include the rise (or fall) of the Republican candidate enabled … Continue reading Time for action is now!

Donald Trump is smart; Is America smarter?

The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the two outsiders who are challenging the “establishment” should not come as a surprise to any one! After all we live in a world where multi billion dollar enterprises (Apple, Amazon, Google,….) and all other Digital Technology enabled giants have dwarfed the role and attention away traditional … Continue reading Donald Trump is smart; Is America smarter?