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Our goal:               Create new capabilities for our clients in their work force skills and industrial outcomes (products, processes, business models, education, etc.) to achieve high ROI in innovation investments and true organic growth.

STIMS Institute is your knowledge integration resource to achieve these results. Contact us.

  •  At a time when computers can do everything (read, write, speak, calculate, analyze, decide and direct), professionals and companies have to do something more! This requires System Thinking and Transformational Skills”
  • At a time when the products and services of any company have to serve one of two extremes – (a) High Volume and Lowest Cost or (b) High Value and Unique Capability – with no survival in the middle, companies need to adapt System Thinking and Transformational Skills to survive and succeed in this Binary Economy     Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian, President.            Contact us

We develop work force skills and industrial outcomes (products, processes, business models, education, etc.) that exploit human skills as a parallel and in synergy with what computers can do (which is almost everything)! If you have any of the above needs – for HR development, Training, R&D, innovation and/or new Business Development, we would be delighted to hear from you.        Contact us

Knowledge from technical resources from across the globe can be aggregated to develop and implement “New Solutions”.  We specifically target the knowledge and the science base for a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes. STIMS Institute is dedicated to managing such knowledge from all resources and integrating them to create new solutions. Our goal is to create new capabilities for our clients that offer step change in productivity and alliances for true organic growth. Achieving high ROI in innovation investments for our clients is our deliverable. STIMS Institute is your knowledge management resource to achieve these results.

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