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Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian, President, STIMS Institute Inc.

Lexington, Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian is the President, STIMS Institute Inc., a Knowledge Integration Co., focused on developing physical science based Technology, Innovation and Management Solutions.

The recent accomplishments of the STIMS Institute include:

Dr. Subramanian has worked for over 34 years in various positions in the industrial sector.  He has served as the Director, Core Technology – Surface Preparation Technologies (SPT), at the High Performance Materials (HPM) Sector, Saint- Gobain Co. He conceived and implemented a network of Application Technology Centers in Worcester MA. USA, Hamburg – Germany, Shanghai – China, Bangalore – India and other locations across the globe. These technology centers have been conceived and developed to foster manufacturing processes used in a wide variety of industries ranging from Semiconductors to Steel making, Automotive to Aerospace, Bearings to Bio-medical parts, Ceramics to Optical lenses, etc. Dr. Subramanian has a personal and hands on knowledge in R&D, New Product Development, New Business Development as well HR development for 21st Century Economy.

He has published extensively in the technical as well as management related topics. He holds 12 patents and a few more are being processed. He has presented talks worldwide on various topics: Grinding Technology, Surface Engineering, Innovation, Technology driven market development and Career development strategies for professionals in the Global Economy.

Dr. Subramanian has developed an approach to combine science, engineering and management areas with an eye on global competitiveness. This is the theme of his book titled, “The System Approach – A strategy to survive and succeed in the Global Economy”. His second book titled, Thriving in the 21st Century Economy – Transformational Skills for Technical Professionals co-authored with Prof. Srinivasa Rangan, Babson College, has been recently published by the ASME Press.

Dr. Subramanian obtained his B.S. (ME) Degree from Osmania University, India and his M.S, M.E and Doctor of Science degrees from MIT, USA.  He has worked at Ford Motor Company and International Harvester Company, prior to joining Norton Company, which is now part of Saint-Gobain.  He founded his new company – STIMS Institute Inc. – in 2011 to develop and implement new Business Models; Science based Industrial Process Solutions; Education and Mentoring of technical professionals, Build Alliances with technical, academic and business professionals across the globe.

Dr. Subramanian is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He is also the Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). He has also been active in technical programs of ASME, SME and A. Cer. S. He has served as the Chairman of the Fellows selection committee of SME. Currently he teaches as an adjunct faculty in the school of business at University of Southern New Hampshire. He has served as part of the faculty team for a summer course on Tribology at MIT. He also collaborates in research and education programs at IIT – Madras, India and Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA).

Besides his professional work, Dr. Subramanian is engaged in non-profit social work through He also mentors / coaches young professionals in their career development. He writes his views on economy and innovation through his company website:

His views on Spirituality in Practice can be seen at his blog site:

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