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Industrial processes lead to the goods and services we enjoy today. They contribute to the higher standard of living in the industrial economies. Increasingly, all industrial activities are being treated as “black box” or amenable to Six Sigma or Lean practices. Manufacturing has lost its “Science” base and is seen more amenable for statistics and IT based solutions. The word “technology” itself is used to exclusively identify with Digital Technology or IT and the products and services associated with that.

We believe that all industrial processes are means to exploit physical phenomena. The integrated output of the Science, Engineering and Management pertaining to the phenomena exploited is the “Technology” behind these processes. Every company relies on a few specific physical technologies for their strength and survival.
Substantial and systematic advancements and progress is possible in current and future industrial processes through a relentless and simultaneous focus on the Science, Engineering and Strategic emphasis (Management) of these processes. Such knowledge integration, together with IT tools can achieve quantum improvement in the industrial processes and restore their competitiveness in the Global Economy.

We offer such Knowledge Integration solutions based on a unique methodology called the System Approach. We emphasize on “Why?” and seek answers based on real or physical process data and their analysis. We use this data for better understanding of the “Science” behind the process as the basis for comprehensive solutions, leading to a step change in the output or performance of such processes.

Frequently the System Approach also leads to synthesis of new solutions. Such large scale changes in the output in the real world processes are essential for maintaining competitive advantage in the Global Economy.

The System Approach 2014

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