Transformational and industry/domain specific skills for success.

As the world moves on from Industrial Economy to Service Economy to Information Economy to whatever that will come in the future (Knowledge Economy? ), it is clear that the transformative skills, which happened by chance for a selected few, needs to become a natural order for individuals, organization, community or nation to thrive.
Such transformational skills have to be followed by industry/sector specific skills. Those empowered with these two assets can readily acquire more academic knowledge or simply use the many people with such knowledge across the globe!

We offer inter-disciplinary training and education to better utilize the science, engineering and management skills already available and promote synergistic thinking across these core capabilities. We believe such an education which supplements the current academic rigor is much needed for the sustainable career growth and reliable employment in the Global Economy. This education and training is based on 30+ years of successful industrial experience that spans across research, technology, management, technology centers development and new business development. We bring result oriented tools for education acquired while working across the globe, across many cultures and with many companies and many business functions in these companies. To add value through such education to the employers, professionals and the society at large, in collaboration with fellow professionals is our goal.

If you are responsible or interested in the development of any of the following:

  • Company Executives, HR management, Educators
  • Entry Level Professionals and Engineers
  • Mid. Career Professionals, Career Guidance, Outplacement Services

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