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Core Capability Boot Camp:
Are you the CEO or business leader or technology Guru of your company or operation?
Have you ever sat back and asked yourself, “How did your business or operation get here?” Have you figured out how your business or operation or profession grew from its beginnings to where it is today? It did not happen by chance or by some luck or through magic! It happened because you and your people along with your suppliers and your customers who contributed their share of knowledge and know-how that resulted in the products you manufacture, the processes you use to make them and also the applications know-how through which your customers use your products.

The “Products. Processes and Applications know-how” are your core capabilities.
These core capabilities are embedded in the knowledge of many people connected with your company – through your employees, suppliers and customers and their customers. Product is something of value to someone (the user), who is willing to pay you (the producer.supplier) something of value to you.

  • Can you describe your “Product” using the above definition? What is the value you deliver through your product? What is it that you want in return for your product or services?
  • Are there any in your sales, product design/development, manufacturing/ production, tech-support or general management who can describe your product in terms of the value to your customer and the expected value for you in return?
  • Do you know who these people are?
  • Do they all have the same understanding of the user value and manufacture’s value or are they speaking over each other in different languages?

Your journey for the future can start right here and now, by developing a common definition of your “Product”,  and developing a core team across the business functions that speaks the same language about your product.

How well do you know your Processes to manufacture your products?

Processes are “Input/Transformation/Output” systems

Your journey for the future can start right here and now, by developing a common definition of the key “Processes” in your manufacturing floor and developing a system view of these processes across all the business functions that support such processes.

  • What are the capabilities of your process professionals to measure and diagnose and cure the problem with respect to your processes and their health?
  • What are the portable diagnostic scientific tools and instruments (and not just statistical tools) that they use?

Customer’s processes are your Application

  • How well can you add value through your applications of your products?
  • You can make your Applications Technology (AT) as the enabler for your growth and success of your industry?

Product, Process and Applications know-how are your core capabilities, which got you where you are today! Have you taken the time to leverage them? If not, may be it is time for you and the key personnel in your team to go through the “Core Capability Boot Camp”?

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