Are you a Predator, Enslaver, Competitor, Cooperator or Collaborator? How about your business philosohpy?

Recently I came across an on-line survey:
Take a PtC Survey — “Compare Your Collaboration Type” & “Motivations that Drive Collaboration”

The survey and the report (which you see after taking the survey), indicates that:

• Most people think that they are collaborators or cooperators.
• Also one needs to know the distinction between Collaborator and cooperator.

  • When you know this difference, one will realize that mere cooperation is not the same as collaboration.

Yet, in life we find several who are fierce competitors, as well as enslavers and predators. Why does this happen?
In my experience this is due to a lack of the big picture and constant emphasis on it – the system thinking, which is a relentless focus on what one should do (The Technical Outputs) instead on the why this should be done? (The Stake holder benefits or system outputs), It is a shift away from being task oriented individuals and function as the system oriented problem solvers. Thanks to IT based automation, we are all driven more and more into task oriented automatons, at a time when Collaboration is the king and key for success. The result of such collaboration MUST be higher PE Score.

Then how do we make people change? Everyone at every level needs an infusion of the System Thinking together with a clear method to reduce it to practice. Along with that they need a set of additional skills – the Transformational Skills. One of the TS is what we call as the Emotional Intelligence for Innovation(EII). It implies that I work for your success and in turn you work for my success – which is the true spirit of Collaboration.

To develop a Common Language (Another Transformational Skill) we could say:
Predator — I want to win at all cost
Enslaver — I want to win and make you work for me to get there.
Competitor — I want to win, you need to fend for yourself.
Cooperator — I want to win along with you.
Collaborator — I will let you win, but I trust that you will make me win as well.

Now what is your business philosophy? – Are you a predator, enslaver, competitor, cooperator or collaborator? What is your professional philosophy?
Are you and is your business well equipped to function as a collaborator? To co-create value?

The report also implies that cooperation is more of a response to threat or directives or mandates. Hence it is more task-driven, Vs. Collaboration, which is more driven by Mission, Vision and goals.

Don’t expect your M,V and G executed and implemented well until you teach the tools of Collaboration (i.e.) System Thinking and Transformational Skills.
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