10 Critical issues for Millennials

At STIMS Institute we are focused on System Thinking and Transformational Skills.

System Thinking requires an ability to focus on the larger issue on hand – the whole is larger than mere sum of the parts.

Transformational Skills are a set of capabilities to identify a need develop it into a solution with an emphasis on implementation fo such solutions for larger common good.

With the POTUS election less than 2 months away the millennials are now called upon to exercise their best judgement and cast their votes in large numbers. The Millennials are largely credited for the election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. They are also faulted for their lack of enthusiasm at the polls in 2010 and 2014 mid term elections.

Do the millennials want to be a force of change? This is the question looming for them in the next ten weeks. This will require them to reflect on the larger picture and in a comprehensive manner. Here are 10 reasons why the Millennials should vote in droves in the coming election:

1. Millennials like free college education as promised by senator Sanders. How realistic was its passage into law? Isn’t  debt free education the better and more realistically achievable option?

2. Millennials need Better Health insurance – this would require preserving Obamacare and work towards a single payer system as a competitive alternative to commercial insurance plans.

3. Millennials need better minimum wages and they should push for this as a mandate in this election.

4. Millennials need good paying jobs which will come from Infrastructure investments and more investments in R&D. They should demand this from all candidates.

5. Millennials care for the future of the planet and hence ecology and are against Global warming – Their vote will affirm or reject efforts towards these goals.

6. Millennials are against wealth accumulation in the hands of  a few. Then they should push for policies that would prevent that.

7. Millennials want equality for all including Women’s rights, LGBT rights, protections against police excesses and racial equality. Their vote will affirm or deny progress in these areas.

8. Millennials want to lead the forces to create change – they are credited for electing the first black man for POTUS. Now if the choose to, they can elect the first woman for POTUS.

9. End to end innovation requires developing solutions which are carried on through the implementation and value generation stage. Are 8 years and 2 elections (08 and 12) enough for this end to end innovation?

10. Dreamers are also millennials. Will the rest of them support to create a sustainable eco-system of value for all millennials or whatever the young generation is called in the future?