ASME 2020 Awards Ceremony

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) held their 2020 Awards Ceremony on Nov. 16, 2020 to recognize outstanding achievement of several professionals in the engineering community. This online celebration included the award of the prestigious Merchant Medal for Manufacturing offered jointly by two professional societies: Society of Manufacturing Engineering (SME) and the ASME presented to Dr. Krishnamoorthy (Subbu) Subramanian, President, STIMS Institute, USA.

The video of the entire award ceremony can be seen at :

Following are few additional images from the ceremony:

Accepting the award, Dr. Subramanian shared the following brief remarks:

My sincere thanks to ASME and SME. I am very grateful to the awards committee, chairman as well as all my nominators; especially Prof. Jawahir from University of Kentucky.

The guidance from my parents and grandparents was the motivation in my early years. Thanks to Prof. Nathan Cook at MIT, Dr. Eugene Merchant and many others for my academic depth and professional approach

Special thanks to my family and especially my wife Dr. Durga Subramanian. As a fellow industry professional, as a Chemist, as a mother and grandmother, Durga equally deserves this award!

This award is also recognition of the work of a large body of people from Industry and academia from all across the globe. My sincere thanks to all of them.

In the field of Manufacturing, there are countless Physical Processes like Grinding, Machining, etc. They grow their roots through research; become visible through industrial use and yield fruits measured as commercial results. Merchant medal is an honor that recognizes the contribution to this combination of efforts and outcome in manufacturing. I am genuinely honored and humbled to receive this recognition and the award. Thank you very much!