Spirituality in Practice to promote Emotional Intelliegence (EI).

Spirituality in Practice https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BV49NPNQ
is the third and most recent book in a series of three books published. They cover my professional and personal life journey and lessons learned over a span of three decades. https://www.amazon.com/stores/Dr.-Krishnamoorthy-%28Subbu%29-Subramanian/author/B0BVKTC9JL? In this post we follow the evolution of thought connecting these three books. We hope all professionals will find time to procure these books and gain the benefit of the real life knowledege shared through them.

“System” for almost anyone implies an organized approach to look at, handle, understand, frame or model anything. I think everyone would agree on that. Beyond that there could be many divergences on the use of the word “System”. I use this word – system – in the phrase “System Approach” to define and address any professional assignment, problem or project from all three points of view (i.e.) Science, Engineering and Management in an intergtated manner and not as isolated silos —– My first book, published in the year 2000! https://www.amazon.com/System-Approach-Modern-Machine-Books/dp/1569902550

“System Thinking” is used to define a mental framework, a holistic way, that seeks to use the above System Approach and related Transformational Skills to achieve measurable impact – to be entrepreneurial in any assignment, job or career. This is the second half of the Second Book published in 2013. https://www.amazon.com/Thriving-Transformational-Technical-Professionals-Managers/dp/0791860167 As soon as I use the term “Entrepreneurial” most people would think of entrepreneurs (i.e.) new business creators! I have to explain painstakingly that  “Entrepreneurial” outlook, attitude and work ethic is different from just a new business creating entrepreneur or investor. There may be one or few entrepreurs in a Start up Co., but everyone in any Co. has to be entrepreneurial to succeed in the “Binary Economy”! We describe the Binary Economy and the need to be entrepreneurial in the first half of my second book. The seventh and final Transformational Skill described in this book is “Emotional Intelligence”.

Our third book is Spirituality in Practice https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BV49NPNQ In the world dominated by IT, DT, Social Media and AI, forces are everywhere that polarize us as individuals and self-selection into isolated narrow groups. This also incraeses political, racial and religious bias, insecurity, and general unease. No amount of what we have, seems to meet and satisfy our needs in our quest and longing for that which we want and do not have. It is in this context that all of us need to rely on our “Emotional Intelligence (EI)” now more than ever. Our third book on Spirituality in Practice is very much dedicated to EI, how to build and foster its use. //www.amazon.com/dp/B0BV49NPNQ

We are alone if we choose to be, but we are also seamlessly part of everything since that is the way it is. This is the True knowledge, to see ourselves as part of the eternal and ever-present universe. The goal is to feel good through self-compassion but also work towards peace and harmony of all, limitlessly. We are subjective when we see ourselves as isolated individuals. We become increasingly objective when we are under self-control (in our physical/material world), with non-attachment (in our emotions), and liberated in our thoughts from all that bind and isolate us as “I” or individuals. We gain tthis rue knowledge when we realize that all that is cognitive and all their enablers (laws of nature) are like two sides of a coin, like the waves on the surface and the deep ocean below – coexisting, inseparable, and enabling the other.
Even if a few among the readers learn to look at life in its larger context, an integral part of the universe at large, rather than being shackled by the constraints as isolated individuals or belonging to a small family, narrow social, religious, or political groups, my gratitude to you for that transformation and the joy it will bring forth for all around you. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BV49NPNQ