Education for “sustainable jobs and careers” – Why? What? How?

Over the past three decades, I have seen more individuals rise up to the top who are not the smartest (academically advanced in their education), or with extremely high industry/sector specific knowledge. Instead, I see those rise to the top, who have an uncanny ability to identify an “opportunity”, frame it as a problem in a broader context (as a system) and arrive at their solution using resources readily accessible near by or at far corners of the globe. They are also able to implement such solutions of benefit for those who have the capacity and influence to reward such solutions.

Those who are successful in any field today are all “IBMers” in our thoughts and action. This is what makes us connect and configure quickly and effectively on the problems we face in our jobs and careers. It is a passion to find a way to connect, define the “problem” and address it effectively, to make the world a “better place”!

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