Aidan Harney from Engineers Ireland reviews the book


Dear Aidan:

What a wonderful and well written review! Thanks a lot.

Few additional thoughts as noted below.
Best wishes
Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian
You have hit the nail on its head in paragraphs 2 and 3.
Regarding “Common Language”, it is more than exemplary communication. It starts with a precise – rational and scientific understanding of the key words used  in each job, project, sector and domain and ensuring they truly reflect the intended meaning. As an example the word “product” means many things for the many people in a company! The word
” technology” is totally misused to mean “IT”, by almost every one – every pundit on TV, news, academia, …. Such misunderstanding or lack of understanding is a great source to discover new opportunities to fill the unmet needs!
Few other examples:  
  • Do we know what STEM really stands for?
  • There are hundreds of millions of $ in research spent in the name of “nano – technology”, but what is the “technology” – the science, engineering and strategy – here?
This publication may make uncomfortable reading for many  — This is a powerful and telling insight. We (the authors) did not want to make it explicit. But, since you have stated it, now every one should know :-)
This is also the crisis of the “middle” which we address in great detail in our book.