Nirmala at Lokvani interviews Dr. Subramanian


1. How did you get the idea of writing this book?
2. Why is it relevant in today’s world? What ideas does it emphasize?
3. What is the salient concept of a the binary economy?
4. Why is it important for students to be aware of this?
5. How does the STIMS institute prepare students?
STIMS Institute has developed courses on Transformational Skills and System Approach for Knowledge Integration. We are implementing these courses in some colleges. We also teach/train mid-career professionals in companies. We offer one-on-one training/mentoring for students and professionals. We have written the book to promote the ideas on Binary Economy and the Transformational Skills for broader dissemination od these ideas.
6. The back cover says that this is more a self-help book? Can you explain that?
7. Finally where can readers find this book?
The book is available at Amazon:

At Barnes and Noble:

And also at the publisher, ASME Press: