Sector specific education offered successfully for third year in a row!

We started 2 years ago an initiative in collaboration with  IMTMA (Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association).

The purpose is to upgrade the knowledge of  middle & senior level manufacturing engineers with the basic elements of “Systems Thinking of the Manufacturing Processes”, that they deal with every day at the work place. While the “Economics”(OEE or productivity) of these processes is their daily concern, the “Engineering” solutions they work out often lack the “Science”  & science-based fundamentals, which alone can help these engineers “Optimise the Process as a System”.

Encouraged by the success of previous two programs, first one launched in South at Bangalore, India in 2012 & repeated in the North at Delhi in 2013, IMTMA  decided to take this program to the West this time. The 3rd program was scheduled at Pune from 19-22 Nov. as per details attached.

Dr. Subbu Subramanian is PhD from MIT-USA, with working experience of over 30 years. He worked at Ford Motor Co. & was the International Director of R&D at Saint-Gobain Ltd. (earlier Norton USA). Now he is the President of STIMS Institute Inc., USA. Through this company he teaches and trains professionals on System Thinking and Knowledge Integration.  He is collaborating with IMTMA, MGT & also with IIT-M Chennai for helping Indian Industries understand & adopt “Systems Approach to Manufacturing”-starting with the Grinding Process. Details are given in the attached brochure with a link of a video of an “interview with Dr. Subbu”  & another link of last year’s “participants feedback”

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The success of this program can be seen from the participant feed back.

Overall Evaluation:              
      Excellent Very Good Good Average Poor
      -5 -4 -3 -2 -1
Relevance of Topics     67% 19% 15%   –    – 
Contents     59% 30% 11%   –    – 
Information in presentations     44% 44% 11%   –    – 
Usefulness of this program     48% 48% 4%   –    – 
Physical arrangements (Venue, Food, etc.)              
      56% 30% 15%   –    – 
Your views on lab, Exercise/Practical Session(s)               
      37% 41% 22%   –    – 
Name the presentation(s) or aspect of this program you liked :              
1. The presentation involving the microscopic interactions.              
2. Practical Test & Presentation Sessions              
3. Group Exercise, Trouble Shooting, Measure Analysis              
4. Asking – Why?              
5. Dr.Subbu’s Presentation              
6. Introduction about Abrasives              
7. Knowledge & experience shared by Dr.Subbu is excellent.              
8. Approach towards solving problems by scientific and also Technical way.              
9. The system approach for industrial process.              
What percentage of content presented at this training programme were new to you? 
    More than 25%   Less than 25%       
    89%   11%