STIMS Institute offers Webinar for young engineers

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Recently we conducted a webinar for a group of young engineers from across the globe on the tools and skills required to increase their PE Score.

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Online access to webinar sessions

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End of session feedback:

  • Thank you for joining today. For people who could not join today, we hope to see you in future sessions. I just wanted to thank Nishitha for taking the lead and organizing this for the common benefit of all. Thank you!!!  Special thanks to Dr. Subbu, for taking time off and sharing your knowledge and expertise with young people like me. It was indeed a very informative session and hopefully we can implement some of the ideas you suggested in our individual professional careers.

Cheers!!! have a great weekend  — Uday

  • It was a wonderful session. It is difficult to find someone who has a systems perspective and who can put it across in a way that can be easily understood. On behalf of everyone who attended the session, I would like to thank Dr. K Subramanian for taking out time and sharing his work with us. I am sure I will look at my work in a different way.

I am attaching the minutes of the meeting and some screenshots for everyone’s benefit. —  Nishitha

Minutes of the Meeting:

TOPIC – Systems Thinking and Transformational skills  SPEAKER – Dr. K. Subramanian, President, STIMS Institute    DATE – 28TH March 2015   ATTENDEES :   Name removed for privacy; Attendees from: USA, India, Dubai


– Know the difference between tasks oriented jobs and solution oriented jobs

– Companies look for replicate solutions, but they also look for people with transformational skills who can provide “new solutions”

– Be conscious of the value you are adding to your company. If you don’t add enough value remember that you can easily be replaced

– How is work structure across the globe changing? What did it look like before? How does it look like in 21st century? How do you orient yourself to succeed?

– How can you practice transformational skills?