Role of System Thinking and Transformational Skills in HR Development

Recently we came across a post under the title, “Think again, where does the responsibility lie?”

Abstracted below are a few relevant passages. Included in Italics are our comments.  Are these among the issues faced by you or your people?

  • You have expectations around your career progress that are not materializing.
  • You are an executive in waiting who thinks that you are not being groomed for the big job.
  • Your boss is searching for the right successor so that he/she can move upwards and cannot move unless there is someone competent to take that place.
  • You were judged as ‘not ready’!
  • You are hiding away from the real issues, since the “problem”, “solution” or the “system” is not clear.


Proactive learning and use of System Thinking and TRANFORMATIONAL SKILLS:

There is something that I am doing that is not working – let me find out what it is so that I can get past it”


IF YOUR BOSS IS NOT A SYSTEM THINKER WITH TRANSFORMATIONAL SKILLs, then your boss is unlikely to give you the feedback that you need to hear to get it right. If he/she doesn’t openly lie to you (and you can feel it when she does even though you might deny it) she is still unlikely to tell you the real reason.

So don’t wait for your boss or the company. You can start your journey on your own and bring others into the fold.

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