Interview of Dr. Subramanian published in the Efficient Manufacturing Magazine

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A system approach to manufacturing

You will find here excerpts from an interview with
Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian, President, STIMS Institute Inc.

• What should be the ideal strategies to survive, succeed and achieve competitive excellence in today’s volatile global economy?

• What is the “Systems Thinking of the Manufacturing Processes”?

• Tell us more about your program with IMTMA to train manufacturing professionals at all levels?

• Can you brief us on your proposed manufacturing eco-system – an approach that can create synergy from all sectors, much needed for a sustainable growth in the manufacturing industry?

• How to set up a suitable supply chain eco-system and acquire capabilities for machine tool components so as to make the overall production more dynamic and growth oriented?

• What should be the role of a CEO in strategy and planning towards operational excellence?

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