Year End Review – 2014 and Greetings for the New Year

Happy New Year!

2014 has been a great year of accomplishments for the STIMS Institute. During the third year of this young company, we have made great strides in a number of areas. Our clients / collaborators now include:

  • Educational institutions (IIT – Chennai, SNHU, MIT, TCE – Madurai)
  • Industrial clients (in India, NA, China, Colombia)
  • Industry Organizations (IMTMA, MassMEP)
  • Industry Sectors (Machine Tools, Auto parts manufacturing, Energy services, Engineering Services)
  • Fellow consulting services
  • Industry Publications.

We thank each and every one of our collaborators for the opportunity to work with them. It is through such collaboration that we can build an eco-system that sustains the development and growth for all. We look forward to your continued support and further opportunities to expand the universe of System Thinkers with Transformational Skills. Please find below a summary of STIMS Institute activities in the year 2014 as we look ahead to the coming New Year.

With best wishes and warm greetings to each of you and every one in your families for a healthy, happy New Year!


Dr. K. (Subbu) Subramanian, President, STIMS Institute

Year in Review – 2014

STIMS Institute was founded based on a single identified need:

When computers (in a broader context the DT – Digital Technology) can do everything that a human can do (pick and place, read, write, analyze, decide, direct and control), then humans – professional workers and their companies – have to find ways to be more useful to be relevant and hence be economically viable!

This need, which we have identified as the crisis of the “middle” of any kind – middle class, mid-tier products and services, etc. is an outcome of the “Binary Economy” fostered by DT and this will continue to progress for decades to come. Now, eminent leaders are beginning to speak about the same crisis. For details please see:

Unlike those who identify the problem and the impending concerns, we at STIMS Institute also offer a vision for the future:

System Thinking and Transformational Skills as the core for any education and their use as the basis for sustainable jobs and careers and ultimately their collective use as the driving strategy in all aspects of any company, to develop and implement a stream of New Solutions, relentlessly.

We are now implementing this vision through:

  • Workshops, On-line training and one-to- one mentoring,
  • In-house mentorship programs and projects in our client companies,
  • New models for “Concept to Commercialization” and their incentive programs,
  • Science based manufacturing process solutions and diagnostic tools for them, and
  • Inter-company and Inter – industry collaboration programs.

We have also attempted to disseminate much of this work, through our website. For details, please see:


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Emotional Intelligence as a business philosophy for collaboration and End to End to Innovation:


Sector Specific Education:

Higher education – Not just more of the same!:

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